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Are You Ready to Amplify Your Income, Freedom & Impact by Creating Your
High-Ticket Course?

You’re an impact-driven, wisdom-led coach, Lightworker or wellness expert and already successful in what you do. However, it feels like you have a huge amount to still offer the world. Your experience is unique and there are so many people who would love to benefit you sharing your expertise! 

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I guide you to empower yourself...

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5 Days to Launch Workshop

Is it time to finally share your unique wisdom in an online course?

You are remarkable and people will benefit from your unique knowledge.The easiest way for you to offer that, is via an online course or coaching program. However, that can feel overwhelming, with no system or support.

If that is you, take advantage of this rare opportunity to work directly with Sheli Bowman to learn how to create your course in this workshop without overwhelm. You will get 5 days of LIVE detailed guidance, 1 hour per day, as she reveals the secrets only her top clients normally receive. New content that may not ever offer in this very affordable format again.

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12 week intensive program

Quantum Course Creation

Are you a wisdom-led, conscious coach, Lightworker or wellness expert who would like to create a high-ticket course in 3 months GUARANTEED, so you can increase your revenue, freedom and impact? Offering your wisdom in a course brings so many benefits, but creating and launching one can feel daunting!

Sheli will guide you to master conscious course creation without the frustration of endless trial and error or tech overwhelm, using aligned autogenerated marketing content. We offer a proven step-by-step methodology, plus a system that provides ALL the customized content for launching and marketing your course. This is a done-with-you, very high-touch, small group program. 

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6 month transformational journey

Quantum Course Complete

The ultimate conscious course fast-track to bring your course or coaching program to the world.

This programs offers a winning combination! Our proven Quantum Course Creation methodology to masterfully design and build your transformative course. Plus you will be taken through our revolutionary new Quantum Course Marketing process to attract ideal students through aligned, automated promotion of your course or coaching program.

Whether you're an individual looking to create your first course, or an established brand ready to scale your offerings, Quantum Course Complete will guide you from concept to success. Let's bring your wisdom to the world!

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What People are Saying...

These are some of the previous 5 Days to Launch participants.

The 5 Days to Launch course by the amazing Sheli Bowman...
I absolutely love it so far! I've gone from having a million ideas and a huge project that just seemed insurmountable to narrowing it down to such a fine, small offering which is very manageable and going to be easy to begin with and I know that all the other courses will come and they'll follow. This has been really useful to work on the nine steps to really narrow down what you're actually offering and what people will get out of it. Really enjoying it!

 - Eleanor, Hong Kong

Artist & Art Therapy Coach

It was absolutely amazing. I promise you didn't expect it! Everything was put so beautifully. It was easy to understand, the homework was magical. I thank you so much because the insights that I received, the clarity I received and that was all clear from the second day. I thought, AHA! this is it and that's what I needed. Thank you so much. I promise you that I'm going to be going like a Boeing. Sheli to you and team, you are awesome! I love the way you presented it and I can't wait for your next challenge. Bring it on. Thank you.

 - Kayroon, South Africa
Parenting & Leadership Coach

I just want to just talk about how great the 5 Days to Launch challenge program is that Sheli is providing. I have over 15 years of education design experience and Sheli has taken all the guess work out and made it really simple for me to follow. So highly recommended! It was the best 5-day course development that you can think of. 

 - Kelly, USA

Compassionate Leadership Coach


All NEW Content! Join the 5 Days to Launch Workshop

A little bit about me

Having successfully transitioned from corporate life to being a conscious business strategist, I offer my gifts to help other impact-driven entrepreneurs to achieve greater success and make a bigger positive impact on the world.

I empower wisdom-led coaches to master conscious course creation, without the frustration of endless trial and error or tech overwhelm, using aligned autogenerated marketing content, so you can increase your income, freedom and impact.

The results from our previous programs were so powerful that many of our clients wanted to create courses themselves, so I created the Quantum Course Creation program!

It offers those who feel drawn to sharing their expertise a proven methodology, so they can build their high-ticket courses in 12 weeks or less, without tech overwhelm or content confusion.

My journey has allowed me to bridge a gap between the spiritual and the strategic. As a Reiki Master of 26yrs, an advanced Soul Realignment practitioner and a certified life coach, I have empowered people to align and transform for many years. At the same time, I have an MBA, started my first web development company in 1996, and have decades of experience as a Brand Manager, Creative Director and Digital Strategy Consultant for multinationals.

Past Soul Realignment clients have had life-changing insights from their Akashic Records readings and past strategic consulting clients have achieved 10x ROI.

Finally, I am most comfortable when in nature. I have a strong personal daily meditation practice, and a passion for environmental and marine conservation. Travel and exploration, both on land and under the sea, has always been central to my life. While I might be anywhere in the world, my kite string is held by my husband and lovely little 🐈, on a little island in the South China Sea. 

What My Clients Say About Me

These are some the recent students who have participated in my proven course creation system or course creation challenge.

I really want to thank Sheli for her generosity of sharing all her experience the pain she went through and the knowledge that she accumulated over her 20 more years of professional experience in strategic digital marketing and branding and this really helping me to save a lot of time, trial and error, research and frustration.
I really appreciate the structure of this course and also it brings a lot of insights to my own course so thank you once again Sheli for selflessly share all your knowledge and try to help all of us to share what we have.
- Karen, Hong Kong
Shadow Work Facilitator

I'm really glad that I took these 5 days to launch program. And I'm very very thankful to Sheli and all my other teams during this course. I was able to learn a lot. This is really valuable information. It would really help me to launch my own course. I really hope that I could help business owners, entrepreneurs, family businesses, and decision-makers and leaders in cultivating and formulating their top-level strategies that could help their companies in the long run. Thank you very much.
- JP, Philippines
Business Management Strategist

Thank you much Sheli for this amazing class. It was 5 days that really help us to focus on what are our goals and where wanna go and how to gain a lot of insights into what is path really get there the course bond. And your experience was invaluable. So really thank you for giving us this opportunity. Looking forward to working more with you. And who knows what the future will serve? Thank you really! Keep up the great job because it's really helpful.

-Vladia, Italy
Academic Researcher, EU

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Meet Liz

CEO, London

"My session with Sheli really helped me. I'm going through a time of huge transition with significant personal losses on this plane. Learning about what has happened in a past (other life) and that I can do something about it is a revelation. I now feel motivated and inspired to align with what I'm best equipped to do. Sheli also teaches really well and delivered news that could be unpalatable in a calm and empathetic way with recommendations of how to restore my soul's integrity and grow from the experience."

You have incredibly unique wisdom, life experiences and knowledge to share with the world...

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