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If you would love to share your wisdom in an online course or coaching program, we guide you to create and marketing your genius. All of our programs and coaching are crafted to work on both you and your business, because as entrepreneurs we are our business! 

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Quantum Course Creation

This 12 week intensive program is for action-takers who want big results fast. Creating and launching your high-ticket course using a proven methodology, avoiding tech overwhelm and content confusion.

Structure & Support

This is dense, super powerful program that will take you from being stuck or stagnant in the course creation process, to launching your high-ticket offer. It doesn't matter if this is your first course or you already have created many courses, the proven methodology and systems we use and support we offer will make this a new and enjoyable process that gets you moving.

Course Content Creation

With this fast paced program, you will be using a proven methodology plus a content generation platform that takes away the struggles of course creation, testing, and launching, by providing ALL the customized material that is needed, without tech overwhelm, content confusion or ever having to stare at a blank screen. While the content generation technology is new, it is based on 10 years of successfully creating and launching courses for tens of thousands of people.

Results Driven

This program will be aimed at getting you results fast! Do not be afraid to move fast and break things. We will be testing and launching and recording and lots of things that are all aimed at getting your high-ticket offer to its most effective level and launched. Fast. 

Action takers get results!

Align & Shift



Scale & Impact

Quantum Course Marketing

This immersive training guides you step-by-step through launching transformational courses with momentum. You'll attract ideal clients, create high-converting offers, and build community through my signature heart-centered, high-vibe approach.

Preparing For Success

Quantum Course Marketing focuses on the 3 critical phases. Pre-Launch you’ll build your audience, set up effective sales funnels, and craft a winning launch campaign. You will then maximize your launch with strategies to drive sales and enrollments. We'll then learn to increase retention, referrals, and lifetime value through ongoing nurturing.

The Power of AI

A key part of Quantum Course Marketing is leveraging AI to free up your time so you can focus on serving clients. AI helps create beautifully crafted emails, social posts, and funnel copy in your unique voice - saving you hours of work. Rather than replacing your gifts, AI enhances them by accelerating creation and marketing so you can deliver more value. Combining heart-centered service with technology gives conscious entrepreneurs an edge for quantum impact.

The Time is Now

Demand for conscious courses is skyrocketing as people seek meaning and transformation. My proven formula will guide you each step of the journey with confidence, avoiding costly trial and error. With my hand-holding support, your purpose and wisdom can positively impact more lives right now. This is your moment to transform lives by getting you purpose-driven course to the people who really need it through systematic marketing.

Now is Your Time to Shine!

Structured Approach


The AI Advantage

Growing Your Audience

Quantum Course Complete

The ultimate complete conscious course fast-track process. This 6 month immersive experience combines our proven Quantum Course Creation methodology to masterfully design and build your transformative course, with our Quantum Course Marketing process to attract ideal clients through aligned, automated promotion of your course. Whether you're an individual looking to create your first course, or an established brand ready to scale your offerings, Quantum Course Complete will guide you from concept to success.

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High-Ticket Mastery for Conscious Coaches

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Meet Francesca

Merchandiser, London

"Sheli told me about my past lives, my blocks, my skills, and my potential. It was an amazing experience and Sheli was of great support. The clearing work she composed for me, which I had to read for 21 consecutive days, became my mantra and I could feel my vital force restored. A great experience which I highly recommend. Sheli is a great coach she will accompany you through this journey with her delicacy and experience."

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