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Sheli - Conscious Business Strategist


Our programs and coaching are made specifically to work on both you and your business.  As an entrepreneur, personal and business growth go hand in hand. If you would like to make sure that your business and marketing strategies are aligned with who you are at Soul level, let's talk. 

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Shift to Shine

Shift to Shine Masterclass

A 4 Day event that is your roadmap to elevate your beliefs and patterns, uplevel your mindset and expand your vision so you can amplify your Soul aligned personal and business success.


This is a retreat to get you really connected to you goals and where you might need some help with habits and patterns to reach those goals. We'll discover together how you are and why you think the way you do. This is important because the very essence of the things you do everyday lie in deepest parts of your subconscious.

Begin Rewiring

The next step is begin to undo all the hard-wired components of your negative mindset patterns, which involves undoing unproductive thinking and habits, plus anything else that is detrimental to you achieving your goaals.

Accelerating Your Success

You already have had success, we will have built up your tool box over these four days to accelerate your success and help you achieve your goals.

What to expect from your Shift to Shine journey...

Deep Dive

Get Set For a Deep Dive 

Goal Oriented Habits and Mindset

Build Solid Goal Oriented
Habits & Mindset 

Personal and business success

Personal & Business Successs

ASTI Quantum Shift

A.S.T.I. Quantum Shift

This 10 week intensive program is for action takers who want results fast. Shift from where you are, to the life you truly desire at quantum speed.  

Take Action

This is dense, super powerful program that will take you from stuck or stagnant, to being aligned with who you are at Soul level and using that knowledge to your competitive advantage in life. You will be taking huge steps to get to the success and fulfilment you are truly meant to have, in both your professional and personal life.

Group Dynamic

With this fast paced program, you will be feeding off the powerful collective energy of the your elite peers, as well as the expert guidance of Sheli Bowman. You will all be experiencing similar growing pains together, but also enjoying the benefits of exponential growth in all areas of your life. 

Results Driven

This program will be aimed at getting you results fast! Do not be afraid to break things. If you have an very open mind, you will benefit immensely from the powerful change patterns and other work we will be doing. 

Action takers get results!

Align & Shift

Align & Shift



Ikigai & Impact


ASTI Quantum Leap

A.S.T.I. Quantum Leap

Align | Shift | Transform  | Impact

Signature 8 month program for long term results

This is a deep dive into who you are at Soul level and how to use your gifts to your advantage in your business strategy. Buckle up for a transformational journey like you've never experienced! This uses the fullest and most comprehensive version of our signature A.S.T.I. Methodology and the results will be to hit your personal and business goals.

Rewired for Success

Along with the insights from our Soul work, we will be working to undo blocks and restrictions, plus all the hard-wired components of your negative mindset and belief patterns. We will incorporate a variety of change patterns, meditation for whatever level you are at, and other tactics to access your full potential.

Competitive Advantage

This is a very personal journey. However, a key outcome will be your ability to use your Soul level gifts to you maximum strategic advantage in both your business and personal life.  

Our signature programs are designed for...

Conscious Entrepreneurs

Conscious & Intuitive Leaders

Spiritual Business Coaches

Spiritual Businesses Coaches

Wellness-Focused Owners

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Meet Francesca

Merchandiser, London

"Sheli told me about my past lives, my blocks, my skills, and my potential. It was an amazing experience and Sheli was of great support. The clearing work she composed for me, which I had to read for 21 consecutive days, became my mantra and I could feel my vital force restored. A great experience which I highly recommend. Sheli is a great coach she will accompany you through this journey with her delicacy and experience."

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