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Some people take time to decide what is best for their personal journey. To address this, below are my Akashic Record readings, that you can purchase one by one to follow your own path, at your own pace. These do not include many transformational aspects of my signature programs, which benefit from both working together longer and the group dynamic, to help rewire and inprint your transferations, but they are a good start if you feel more comfortable with these 1:1 sessions.

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Akashic Records Readings

Akashic Records Readings

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an [energetic] library of information that contain the details of your soul and its journey. They span through past lives, present incarnations, and future possibilities. One aspect of Quantum physics is the existence of etheric dimensions, where time and space are not as we know it. 

Quantum explanation of the Records

Philosopher and systems theorist Ervin Laszlo makes the case that science is finally in a position to produce a theory of everything (ToE). Drawing on anomalies and advances in cosmology, quantum physics, biology, and consciousness studies, he shows how the discovery in physics of the zero point energy field (ZPE), is also the discovery of a universal information field. This correlates to what mystics and sages have long maintained about an interconnecting cosmic field that exists at the roots of reality that conserves and conveys information, a field known as the Akashic Records.

How to access them?

Sheli Bowman uses very strict protocols to access the Records. Because the records exist on an etheric dimension, Soul enmeshment can occur if one accesses them purely intuitively. She went through extensive training to obtain advanced certifications in Soul Realignment, the Manifesting Blueprint, Future and Situational Readings and others. All readings are prepared and given by Sheli via Zoom. 

Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment is a type of healing modality focused on the reading and clearing of the Akashic Records.

The reading will look at your current and past lives to see where you are out of alignment, plus blocks and restrictions that are holding you back. You are then given practical steps to clear these blocks with actions and a clearing statement. 

If you are interested in finding out who you are at Soul level, including how you best receive divine source energy, then this powerful reading is for you.

Buy Now — $600.00

Manifesting Blueprint

We are all very competent manifestors, but everyone manifests differently. This reading looks at several aspects of how of how you specifically manifest best, versus how you are actually showing up in life.

This reading will reveal areas of your life where you can consciously manifest new and more positive outcomes. Whenever you wish to get started on something new, you will have a greater awareness of how to do this in a way which is aligned with your soul.

Most people are not aligned and this hinders their ability to manifest, no matter how hard they try, especially if they are using methods that work for others, but are not aligned with how they themselves manifest.

Buy Now — $500.00

Situational Readings

Only available to people who have done their Soul Realignment and / or their Manifesting Blueprint readings. These sessions touch base with particular situations or a combination of them, that are annoying, holding you back, feel frustrating or like something is definitely not quite right.

Trust your instincts, there is probably something amiss and this reading will delve into that and give you practical guidance to course correct. 

Please submit what is out of balance and what are you committed to creating as your new reality within the next three to six months.O

Buy Now — $400.00

Meet Katie

PhD, Hong Kong

"Although I am familiar with the Akashic records already, I am always interested in new ways to approach them. Sheli's session gave me unique insight into characteristics of mine that are important to share with the world as well as some of the challenges that have been holding me back from doing so. I recommend a session with her if you are ready to live more fully, confidently, and authentically."

Tired of doing it on your own?

4 Day Retreat

Shift to Shine Retreat

This is your roadmap to elevate your beliefs and patterns, uplevel your mindset and expand your vision so you can amplify your Soul aligned personal and business success. The guidance and tools offered in the Shift to Shine Workbook can serve you to keep growing throughout the year.

10 week intensive program

A.S.T.I. Quantum Shift

Our signature A.S.T.I. method will bring  big shift to your business and personal growth in a relatively short period of time. The alignment readings are an intrinsic part our A.S.T.I methodology, and are included as your foundation in this program. 

This program is a commitment to yourself and is best suited to action takers who want to see results fast. Harness the multiplied power of the group's collective energy, to motivate and guide you to accomplish your goals. Are you ready for your quantum transformational journey to greater success, fulfillment and impact?

8 month transformational journey

A.S.T.I. Quantum Leap

Join like-minded, successful spiritual business coaches and entrepreneurs, who are as hungry as you are to tap into consistent six and seven-figure years. This is the fullest and most impactful version of our signature A.S.T.I. method. 

Just because is it a longer program does not mean that your transformations will take a long period. The time allows us to dive deeper and achieve greater results, and transformational changes lasting far beyond this program. It is also paced to fit with your already busy schedule. 

Meet Chhaya

PhD, Marine Biologist, Munich

"Sheli helped in understanding my habit patterns in this life and revealed their root cause. She also suggested many good things and helped me in clearing my blockages. Now I have a much clearer understanding of my soul journey and the things that I need to work on to move forward. Thank you Sheli for maintaining my trust and making me feel safe during the reading. The reading was very powerful and matched really well with many aspects of my life."

Let's discuss the next steps for your exact needs and goals.

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